A Conversation with Daniel Lismore

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Daniel Lismore is not looking for attention for attention’s sake. His other worldy appearance, as if he stepped out of an Opera, is for a cause and is born out of his dreams. Daniel’s mission is to bring attention to prejudice and artifice, and in particular, to the plight of transvestites, for which he is willing to be beaten up. For him, they are a quietly marginalized group, who need to be heard and included for who they are in society. I love how Daniel’s style and humility has been inspired by his time spent with The Maasai tribe, who he jokes are the “ultimate” drag queens. He also examines the oppression of Muslim women first hand by wearing a burkha for 48 hours, both sanctifying its sartorial grandness and revealing its social emprisonment. Daniel will inspire ring envy, but there isn’t a pretentious bone in is body, he would give them all away for a more just world.





  • Rose

    Why don’t you just let him speak? How is talking over someone a ‘conversation’? Very irritating.

  • Lou

    I agree. It has often frustrated me that you insist on finishing the interviewees sentence, thereby making it Your statement NOT that of the interviewee.

  • Debra

    Daniel, I love your makeup and your style, so unique.

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