Colored Prints & Chunky Knits

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This winter we’ve been wearing tons and tons of questionable color mixing button ups & sweaters. We’ve always had an obsession with the way surfer boys and skater dudes dress which is usually fearlessly colorful. The best prints & colors are usually found in the little boys & mens sections of vintage stores, targets, H&M’s, and such…. Below are our favorite color & print mixes…


On Summer: Blue floral mens shirt from The Good Will (Can you believe it???) and white lace vintage scarf from Iguana Vintage, vintage glasses from HOME.


On Ruby: Printed top from mom’s closet, faux leather vest from HOME, Leggings from Adidas.


On Summer: Plaid shirt from boys section at H&M, Velvet shirt from Theodore Beverly Hills (bought it years ago), and rhinestone necklace from Forever 21.


On Ruby: Red collared shirt from Someone Else’s Vintage, (The owner gave it to me for free because they were closing down and I was almost in tears, so she gave me a gift for being a devoted customer- Sum) Blue & White striped sweater from American Vintage, leggings from Adidas.


On Summer: Hot pink collared shirt from J. Crew, Polka-dot dress from HOME, Vintage glasses from Someone Else’s, Belt from American Apparel.

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On Ruby: Gingham collared shirt from American Rag, Leopard sweater from Iguana Vintage, Vintage Levi’s from Rosebowl Flea Market.

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On Summer: Red Hawaiian shirt from Pasadena Flea Market, Sweatshirt from Theodore Malibu (was mother’s, she bought years ago and gave to us).


On Ruby: Pink sweater from Forever 21, Hawaiian shirt from Pasadena Flea Market.
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