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The Book

The holiday season is coming – it’s time to start thinking gifts!

This Christmas, I am buying everyone I know the excellent new interiors tome: Wonder Walls: Supermarket Sarah’s Guide to Displaywritten by the very clever vintage-store owner and pop-up art installationist, Sarah Bagner. In her book, she peeks into some fantastically creative and heart-felt homes and shows us how to ‘get-the-look’ in our own abodes. Sarah has excellent taste, so naturally I asked her to pull together a list of other great books to put on your gift list this year, see below for her edit .

 Thank you Sarah! Do buy her book -  it’s ace.

   Sarah and I making a Wonderwall..


Material World (Perri Lewis )
“A super-lady, with great ideas on how to make craft contemporary”. 

Bauhaus Art as Life
“The Bauhaus philosophy is that ‘play’ is the route of all creativity, I agree!”.


How are you Feeling? (David Shrigley)
“David Shrigley the cartoonist and satirist makes me laugh out loud”.


 Concrete (William Hall)
“All about the wonders of concrete as a building material – beauty and brutality”.

 Alice in Wonderland (Lewis Caroll with Illustrations by Yayoi Kusama)
“ A wondrous book, which works superbly with the Kusama touch !” 


London Hidden Interiors (Philip Davies)
“From ten Downing Street to secret gentleman’s clubs and futuristic banks, this reveals a city full of tales”.