I Like What You’re Wearing

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Growing up around designers who weren’t afraid to break rules is what brought Olivia to be in touch with and in awe of the creative side of fashion, with total disdain for the politics of the business that is behind it. Olivia is aware that money has driven designers to develop products in which they don’t really believe, creating an industry that’s full of “over saturated sameness,” in Olivia’s words. In an effort to avoid supporting that corporate aspect of fashion, Olivia founded and started I Like What You’re Wearing, an ecommerce site that promotes and sells the work of rising designers through visual fashion editorials–no boring product shots here. We’re in awe of her dedication to supporting a group of otherwise unknown designers who intimately care about their work and how it’s presented; watch the video to learn about ILWYW’s mission to rise above mediocrity and homogeneity within the fashion industry, and instead, truly support artisanship.