Jordan Bradfield

“We are all guest stars in corporate America’s world — people fighting for betterment under a glass ceiling that suffocates…


Justin Tranter

1) How did you find Justin? Darian Darling 2) What did Justin inspire you to buy? Camouflage everything. 3) What’s…



1) How did you find S.P.? Ramona scouted him at The Siki Im show. 2) What’s the first thing you…


Jesse Boykins III

1) How did you find Jesse? (scouting, referral, etc?) Lily: We found Jesse through his friend and SLU alumni, Trae…


Rose Apodaca

Bringing compelling and authentic people, who would otherwise go unnoticed, to the forefront, is a passion I share with Rose….


Dynasty and Soul

We have DJ LouieXIV to thank for spotting the formidable Trae Harris at The New School, as she introduced us…


Tallulah Willis

Having gotten to know Tallulah’s older sister, Scout, I was not surprised to be infected with another Willis’ soak-up-life-like-a-sponge, warm…


Sara Samoiloff

I first spotted Sara on First avenue in a handmade ivory knit poncho, her signature “wicked” 70’s bell bottom jeans…


Sarah Ellison

Not one for hiding who she is in anyway, Sarah is thrilled to make known that her Azzedine Alaia black…


Lyfe Silva

Lyfe’s regal bone structure that mirrors how royal she looks in tribal prints, comes from an enviable mix of her…


Corinne Drewery

Corinne is a shy and reluctant showstopper on and off the stage in her Vidal Sassoon, Japanese inspired, geometric hair…


Gloria Baume

Barefoot in a Miu Miu ankle length kimono-esque dress that she lusted for and wears to weddings, both out at…


Fatima Robinson

Fatima’s story is the stuff that dreams are made of. The certainty that there was a bigger world for her…


Maurice Harris

We try to stay away from labels at SLU– but creating new and not expected ones, especially when they are…


Erin Bazos

Nothing – not even a baby – is going to get between Erin and her less-is-more fixation on avant-garde designers….


Jojo Americo

One would not want to be JoJo’s arch-nemesis (he has one) when bidding on eBay, especially if it’s got the…