Byrdie Bell

When I showed up to film Bryrdie, it was also the first time I had met her. She answered the…


Nick Fouquet

Nick is the spitting image of his free-spirited hero Robert Redford in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Rugged and…


Natia Dune

If there were ever a case for learning outside of the traditional classroom, it’s Natia, a dark beauty whose life…


Miranda Levitt

I couldn’t be more with Miranda that long and flowy is the new jean. She literally takes my breath away…


Lauren Buxton

It strikes me how completely opposite Lauren is from Sammy (our previous post) in style, but so similar in their…


Nova Landaeus

Nova has the emotional depth, range of expression, and vulnerability that screams film ingenue, akin to a young Natalie Wood…


Ebeneezer Nii-Sowah

Wow. The whole time I was shooting Ebenezeer, I was thinking of Sidney Poitier, whom I worshipped growing up (beyond…


Raymond Chu

Ironically, Raymond thinks he is a boring and conservative dresser. In these times, where dressing down is the norm, his…


Monica Seggos

I met Monica when she was selling her impeccable estate clothing at one of the best events in NYC, the…


Milton Pusey

Every once in a while you come across someone whose style is so clean and mannerisms are so refined that…


Cameron Moir

Cameron started refining his style when he was a kid, competing for the antique buttons in his grandmother’s button jars….