Princess Julia

Red feathered pillbox hats and green velvet turbans do not sit in boxes waiting for Easter in Princess Julia’s closet….

kimme aaberg slu

Kimme Aaberg

The phrase “If you are not your own muse, who is?” kind of says it all for me. It’s one…


Lucie Porges

When I first met Lucie, I was riveted (almost to the point of shaken) by her life story, her unequivocal…


Barbara Louis

When it comes to style, nothing stands in Barbara’s way. With legs to kill, taste to spare, and an unabounding…


Elizabeth Burns

We absolutely love Elizabeth in her samurai pants, jodhpurs from India, and archival vintage. When you see how chic she…


Beatrix Ost

Beatrix had me when she claimed that her greatest inspiration is the warmth of people. I have thought about it…