For Christina, stardom hasn't shielded her from her true self. The former waitress from Philly had been juggling 3 jobs for 9 years when her best friend had her write down her dreams in a letter to the universe, which led to a record deal practically the next day. While Christina’s overnight success may be fit for a fairytale, her true treasures are revealed in the struggles that continued after her newfound success -- like learning to cope with debilitating stage fright, getting sober and learning to be single after ending an unhealthy relationship. By confronting the darkest parts of herself, Christina harnesses her power to open up spiritually. "Do I have difficulty feeling that I’m beautiful? Yeah, but I love myself in all different ways too. I’m allowing myself to have this journey and keep trying and being brave, and that translates to love for me.”

For YouTuber Gaby Dunn, the pressure to be successful at a young age had her pushing herself to work around the clock. Growing up with an alcoholic parent and shouldering responsibility for her younger sister, accomplishments became a cry for attention. “I had my first article in The New York Times Magazine when I was twenty-three, and I was obsessed with that. I’d just walk around and be like, ‘I’m only twenty-three and I wrote for the Times.’ I didn’t even remember what it was about,” she admits. No longer chasing empty markers of achievement, Gaby is embracing the winding journey of her life, including in her partnership with bestie Just Between Us co-star Allison Raskin, an open relationship with her boyfriend and taking the time to slow down and eat lunch despite her robust and demanding career.