About Us StyleLikeU

What is StyleLikeU?

Founded in 2009 by a mother, Elisa, and her daughter, Lily, StyleLikeU is a multimedia platform that honors individuals with authentic personal style. Disheartened by the increasingly soulless fashion world of unattainable imagery and big brand homogeneity, Elisa and Lily decided to combat fashion’s top-down ideology that you need to be “on trend” in order to be “in fashion” and that you need to change yourself physically in order to be beautiful. Elisa and Lily are reconstructing fashion by binding it to supreme and genuine individuals who, as a collective, embody a culture where people are honored for their differences and connected through personal, universal truths. With each post, Elisa and Lily want to be aspirational and inclusive, proving that fashion isn’t a product of money or indiscriminate consumption, but rather a symbol of consciousness and confidence. Elisa and Lily want to change people’s perception of fashion by showing the world that true fashion can’t be reduced to a trend, price tag, or air-brushed photograph. True fashion is the foundation for one’s identity.

A style website started by a mother and daughter? That’s adorable! Tell me more about them!

During the 80s and 90s, Elisa was a Fashion Stylist and Editor for numerous top fashion magazines, including Vanity Fair, Interview, In Style, Glamour, and Self. After taking a break from her passion for the art of fashion to raise her children and to teach yoga, Elisa returned to the industry. She discovered that the nucleus of accepting and extraordinary people had been flattened by corporations, favoritism, and a formulaic belief system that revolved around big-brand profit.

Lily, having grown up as a curvy girl surrounded by her mom’s eclectic and free-spirited friends, was more intrigued by them than by the photoshopped fashion magazine spreads featuring hipless models whose trendy clothes left her feeling ill-at-ease about her more voluptuous physique.

After seeing each other struggle within the confines of the current fashion landscape, one day, Elisa and Lily, both sharing a passion for those who expressed themselves consciously through clothing, decided to pick up their home-video camera and begin documenting the individuals who genuinely inspired them. Since then, it has been an overwhelmingly inspiring four years, as the duo has interviewed over 800 empowering individuals, each of whom prove that style cannot be bought. The relationships and connections that Lily and Elisa have formed with their muses has given them incalculable highs and has transformed their lives.

The StyleLikeU Manifesto:

-Be aware of how marketing affects you.
-Don’t wish to be someone else.
-You are your best editor.
-Beauty is confidence.
-Your imperfections make you you.
-Vulnerability is strength.
-Trendiness is not style.
-Dress for yourself.
-Question your assumptions
-Don’t limit yourself to boxes and labels.
-Life is not a dress rehearsal
-Style cannot be bought
-Indifference is not cool
-Style is political.